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Wednesday 10 March, 02004

by Matthew Bartlett @ 9:31 pm

Vote for best redesign of Project Gutenberg
My favourite Mormon Christian on The Passion
Command line best for newbies?
Lois Weisberg [via kathy]
Sphere Sovereignty 101
there are no evils in nature, only in man

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  1. Jono says:

    Some of those designs are pretty choice, but this is a favourite –

  2. Jono says:

    OSC says – That’s why we Mormons don’t use the symbol of the cross on our churches — to us, crucifixion was merely the method that the Romans used to execute those of whom they wanted to make a public example. Had the death been by lethal injection, the effect on our salvation would have been the same.

    –The point of dying on the cross was a curse was it not, (Cursed is the man hung on a tree or something like that)? So I would have thought it was more than coincidence that Christ was put on a cross. Anyway, I believe I just read a whole article

  3. matt says:

    Yeah I reckon he’s got that a bit skuwif. But then again, possibly many normal Christians would too. I think it was dying on a tree particularly that was a curse I think. Maybe any hanging-ish death was the point from that angle. I think it’s uber-significant that Jesus was put to death by the Romans in the way that the Romans would normally deal with a political revolutionary, and that the Jewish leaders joined forces with the pagan Romans in this.

    And kudos for reading a whole article.

  4. k says:

    i’m not so sure about all that stuff we got taught at school about every single prophecy/poetry being fulfilled so literally in jesus. anyway orson scott card is wonderful………..that all

  5. matt says:

    It’s complicated I think – some of the time Jesus decides himself to fulfil archetypes/prophecies e.g. riding into Jerusalem on a donkey.

  6. david says:

    dear k, it would be nice if you explained yourself a bit more.
    dear jono, i read the whole article too and I noted the same thing you did! silly billy mormons are nearly as silly as us reformy wormys.
    I think the heidelberg sums what is being discussed here quite nicely. see below:

  7. david says:

    38 Q. Why did He suffer “under Pontius Pilate” as judge?
    A. So that He,though innocent,might be condemned by a civil judge,
    1 and so free us from the severe judgment of God that was to fall on us.2
    1 Luke 23:13-24; John 19:4, 12-16.
    2 Isa. 53:4, 5; 2 Cor. 5:21; Gal. 3:13.

    39 Q. Is it significant that He was “crucified” instead of dying some other way?
    A. Yes.
    This death convinces me that He shouldered the curse which lay on me,
    since death by crucifixion was accursed by God.1
    1 Gal. 3:10-13 (Deut. 21:23).

  8. david says:

    we had a good sermon on sunday afternoon that talked about that curse and just how great it was. I’d tell you about it, but it’s your loss for not being at my church on sunday. no doubt you will want to come this week, so ask matt for details.

  9. jono says:

    Dave, it kills me to say it, but great minds think so alike

  10. sternum says:

    I second that David and Jono, or do I third that?

  11. matt says:

    IMHO those HC Q&As are true as far as they go, but are very simplistic.

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