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Monday 31 January, 02005

The best

by Matthew Bartlett @ 6:00 am

There are some songs that have taken over my life for a month or a year, or had a life of their own and forced me to listen to them over and over again. As I remember them, I jot them down. Here are the ones I’ve recollected so far, listed in reverse chronological order, 2004 to ~1989.

Muttonbirds/A Thing Well Made
Bill Withers/Grandma’s hands
Neil Finn/Into the Sunset — In the middle it falls asleep and breaks in two like Cam’s poem.
Doves/Sulphur Man
Weta/Calling On
Avril Lavigne/I’m With You
Turin Brakes/Painkiller
Belle & Sebastian/There’s Too Much Love…
Grant Lee Buffalo/It’s the Life
Beth Orton/Couldn’t Cause Me Harm
Dodgy/One of Those Rivers
Leonard Cohen/Ballad of the Absent Mare
Incubus/The Warmth
Ride/Rolling Thunder
Blur/This is a Low
Supergrass/It’s Not Me
Seven Mary Three/Cumbersome
Soundgarden/Black Hole Sun
Live/All Over You
Live/Lightning Crashes
The Police/Don’t Stand So Close to Me
Coolio/Gansta’s Paradise
Genesis/Fading lights
REM/Find the River
Toad the Wet Sprocket/Walk on the Water
Scorpions/Wind of Change
Australian Crawl/Reckless
Boston/More Than a Feeling
Dire Straits/Brothers in Arms
Phil Collins/Who Said I Would?

21 responses to “The best”

  1. Sternum says:

    Tell me that’s not your top 23 favourite songs.

  2. Nice comp. Matt. I love how you inserted Coolio and Avril they work well with the songs around them.

  3. david says:

    Surely Russians by Sting should be in there?

  4. Matthew says:

    Yes, you’re exactly right.

  5. Sternum says:

    The presence of the two Tool songs in succession clearly explains those few months of foul language and excessive violence early this year.

  6. Matt. Baird says:

    No radiohead/ben folds?

  7. k says:

    phil collins is so hot right now!

  8. John says:

    Matt, a little disappointed that the only NZ representative on your list is Weta. Listening to Mighty Joe Moon right now. Pure Gold.

  9. Matthew says:

    I think it is because few NZ bands have that ineffable Other-ness which I retrospectively find in many of the songs on the list.

    I’ve only properly grokked Fuzzy, Copperopolis & Ladies Love Oracle, so I have vistas yet to appreciate.

  10. face says:

    i happen to know for a fact that backstreet boys/shape of my heart should be included in this list.

    are you embarrassed matt?

  11. face says:

    on the topic of music, the church’s hymnal committee is currently taking submissions. i hereby strongly urge everyone to make submissions, and good ones. i have a copy of the committee’s mandate if anyone wants it.

  12. Matthew says:

    12: not embarrased (see: Avril) and it doesn’t get on the list, sorry.

    13: I don’t know any hymns that aren’t in the blue or gray hymnals.

  13. richface says:

    so then: submit which ones you would like to see retained. or write your own hymn or versify a psalm and submit it.

  14. i vote more 3 times as many limericks in the new hymnal

  15. also backwards words together around sometimes

  16. John says:

    Matt, you are missing GLB’s finest album. I recently re-acquired Might Joe Moon and will forward it to you, as well as the GLB best of album which has a whole bunch of mint b-sides.

  17. ru says:

    Interesting Matt
    Maybe another good one would be to see how many faces to names your readers could put:- e.g.
    George Bush
    Crackafat(scuse spelling)
    Helen Clarke
    That would be a good heuristic to try and fun for all.

  18. Deborah says:

    Yeah, I like that whole album very very much.

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