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Tuesday 18 January, 02005

Families’ Commission

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:54 pm

Today I read the Families’ Commission Statement of Intent [1MB PDF]. Up till this point I had heard only bad things about the Commission. Mostly that their definition of a family includes non-nuclear families. I was really impressed with the document. I particularly liked their set of expectations for families:

In the Commission’s view, all families should be able to exercise a capacity to:

  • love, protect and nurture children to help them reach their full potential
  • protect and care for elderly, disabled and sick family members
  • share resources, wisdom, knowledge, and time
  • participate in education, society, and the economy
  • plan for today and tomorrow, for retirement, and for future generations
  • protect family wealth, land, taonga, and history
  • transmit values, lifestyles, ethics, and culture

I read in the same document that around 7500 children were assessed as abused or neglected during 2003 in New Zealand.

6 responses to “Families’ Commission”

  1. “Transmit values, lifestyles, ethics, and culture” is a welcome inclusion in the list there. But ‘transmit’ gives me a funny feeling. Perhaps I would be more comfortable with it if it were “receive and welcome…” in place of ‘transmit.’ Just my thoughts.

  2. Richard D. Bartlett says:

    ha! looks like the government is trying their hardest again! just like i said.

    I love helen clark nonstop

  3. Chris Gousmett says:

    “Transmit” seems to imply a broadcasting methodology, part of the technicism of our age, and is impersonal and unfocused with no relationship with the receiver. Whatever happened to “hand on” (which is personal, focused and requires a relationship with the recipient)? Probably because the Latin equivalent is “traditio” and we don’t want any traditions now do we?

  4. Mmm, ‘hand on’ is definately better. Sounds like you have been reading CR:StE, Chris.

  5. Good call Chris. Sums up my thoughts perfectly.

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