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Wednesday 19 January, 02005

Word up

by Matthew Bartlett @ 1:59 pm

I’ve just finished Walsh & Keesmaat’s Colossians Remixed. It’s explosive and life-changing stuff. If I’d looked through the bibliography before I started, I could have guaranteed I’d love it. They reference Wendell Berry, John Caputo, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Kalle Lasn (Adbusters editor), Neil Postman, Calvin Seerveld, NT Wright & Annie Dillard. All the goodies, in other words. Now, if I can figure out some way of getting you all to read it …

5 responses to “Word up”

  1. Hans says:

    y’all could lend it to me.

  2. Richard D. Bartlett says:

    Lasn is probably enough of a reference to get me to read it

  3. david says:

    Put me on the list of readers too. Actually, i’m family, so put me at the top!

  4. Hans says:

    We are all family. “Those who would be first will be last”. I guess that puts you at the bottom of the list David, ;-)

  5. Tim says:

    Find me a generous helping of spare time and I’ll gladly read it AND comment on it.

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