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Wednesday 28 September, 02005

by Matthew Bartlett @ 11:53 am

Mara (the Devil in Buddhism) said

“Long is the span of human beings, one should live like a milk sucking baby.”

The Buddha replied

“Short is the span of human beings, one should live as if one’s head is on fire.”

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  1. Aaron says:

    In every depiction I’ve ever seen of the Buddha, he does not look like his head is on fire.

    At least Christ looks like what he recommends.

  2. Matthew Baird says:

    Mayhap he burns from within? Inner fire is all eastern goodness.

    I wouldn’t say he’s wrong though. That Buddah fellow spouted some commonsense manytimes. Me, I’d prefer to do both.

  3. Baus says:

    You have to know what Buddha thought the fire on one’s head was. He also compared it to being shot with an arrow… which you don’t sit around and ponder… you pull it out immediately, he said.

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