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Monday 16 January, 02012

Coffeeshrooms, day 12

by Matthew Bartlett @ 9:40 pm

Almost two weeks on, things are going more slowly than I expected, though they are going.

Thursday 05 January, 02012

Coffeeshrooms, day 1

by Matthew Bartlett @ 9:39 pm

Inspired by Gunter Pauli (on ABC Big Ideas) and Paul Stamets (TED Talk), and following the Mad Bioneer’s directions, I’ve started an attempt to grow mushrooms on coffee grounds. After looking at mushrooms at Moore Wilsons and many times at Pak’N Save, I finally found some at the latter supermarket that had bits of mycelium attached. They are the most boring possible variety — white button / portobello / Agaricus bisporus — but it’ll still be fun if I can get them to grow and fruit. The hope is that the mycelium will colonise the grounds in the next couple of days; then I’ll keep adding grounds until the spooky stuff decides it’s ready to produce fruiting bodies, i.e. mushrooms.