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Friday 27 February, 02004


by Matthew Bartlett @ 8:05 am

I’ve been recording some of my FruityLoops’d experiments lately. Here are two which would work as backing tracks for some solo instrument or voice:

Welcome home Tonga.mp3

Consider downloading them and recording (Goldwave works well) something to float over the top.

Happy anniversary, baby

by Matthew Bartlett @ 7:16 am

Today I have been blogging for one year. Fancy that. I would say that it has been a pretty much thoroughly worthwhile experience. The first post. This time last year there was a war on. And that was about all of the outside world (apart from a new album here and there) that made it into my posts.

Thursday 26 February, 02004


by Matthew Bartlett @ 12:03 pm

Lent started yesterday (thanks Aaron), so no more booze till Easter Sunday.

Before portrait comp opening

by Matthew Bartlett @ 11:09 am

sister Kathy & I (good-looking cats)

Tuesday 24 February, 02004


by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:55 pm

My nice boss gave me a nice bonus today and I had green tea with my sister Kathy and went to a play which wasn’t as bad as I’d been led to believe and bought some new shoes behold my new shoes:

Gravis Circuit Indigo

by Matthew Bartlett @ 11:50 am

WikiCourt idea
A creed i could align myself with
Kit robots [via /.]
Short story: Slow Glass
The world as a blog
Amusing ad for NZ-made vodka [flash, via my boss]
Utility: PC off after X number of minutes/winamp tunes
Trouble in Moscow, Idaho

Friday 20 February, 02004

Pumpkin soup again

by Matthew Bartlett @ 12:16 pm

I made pumpkin soup again yesterday. Here’s the recipe I made up:

Get a pumpkin. Peel and cut into wee pieces. Boil in water. Fry up some red onion, garlic, fresh basil and cummin seeds (I’d add bacon too if I had some). Drain off the water when the pumpkin is soft. Chuck the onions and stuff in there with about a cup of milk. Add a load of curry and boil the crap out of it for a while. Done.

Thursday 19 February, 02004

by Matthew Bartlett @ 3:31 pm

Menstruation, the Pill & Dualism [via Deb]

Neither an x nor a y be

by Matthew Bartlett @ 1:30 pm

I read today that US has a national debt of $7 trillion. I wonder who to. I found a table of NZ national debt through history which appears to show that current NZ debt is approximately $6.5 billion. NZ’s population is approximately 4 million. The US’s population is about 292 million. So US debt per person is about USD24,000, and NZ debt per person is around NZD1,600. Feel so free to check my working.

Wednesday 18 February, 02004

by Matthew Bartlett @ 12:55 pm


by Matthew Bartlett @ 7:07 am

Yesterday evening Casey Aaron Jonathan Richie Mr Heeringa and I went to Chris & Elaine‘s and talked with and listened to Brian J Walsh for a couple of hours. He talked about his upcoming book Colossians Remixed: Subverting the Empire. He identified what he describes as contemporary expressions of the ‘principalities and powers’, i.e. global consumerism/capitalism (greed a virtue) + pax americana. He told us that dualism is the enemy of a useful Church. And he liked Fast Food Nation!

Tuesday 17 February, 02004

by Matthew Bartlett @ 12:20 pm

Auto-pick colours for your website
The Crimson Room [flash puzzle, via Deb]
Lyrics: Godspeed you black emperor/The dead flag blues

Air/Talkie Walkie

by Matthew Bartlett @ 8:21 am

The Wierengas gave me some music vouchers for my pseudo-birthday, so i borrowed Tim’s scooter and went and bought Air’s new album Talkie Walkie. It comes with a bonus DVD with a twenty-minute documentary about them. And if there’s one kind of TV I like, it’s music docos. The album name apparently comes from the telepathic communication the two frenchies who make up the band experience while working together. I think that’s great. I’m having first my proper listen now.

Monday 16 February, 02004

by Matthew Bartlett @ 11:42 pm

BJW: Talking with trees
Photo by Jono of me and the sea
Hulls of public space
Lyrics: Grandaddy/The group who couldn’t say
Webcam: Courtenay Place
Fill in RadioActive survey, get 2 Reading Cinema tickets

Wellington’s Summer o’ Fun

by Matthew Bartlett @ 1:21 pm

Eastborne today, from Sam E’s friend Robert’s sister.