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Saturday 06 December, 02014

A sermon

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:19 am

A sermon from me for All Saints Sunday

Friday 05 December, 02014


by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:30 am

I’m having a good time building a WordPress website at the moment. I’m learning lots of bits and pieces along the way. About:

  • getting the site to look good on different screen sizes using css media queries
  • Google Chrome’s ‘device mode’, which lets you preview the screen shapes of various devices (e.g. iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab)
  • using FontAwesome for icons
  • using a semi-transparent PNG image to give a div a translucent background (thanks minichate @ Stack Overflow)
  • having a background image change once a day by seeding rand() with today’s date (thanks Cronco @ Stack Exchange)