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Wednesday 27 August, 02008

This logo makes me happy

by Matthew Bartlett @ 8:14 am

Chocolate block foil paper wrapping, A4 x4 (r), gladwrap, snack bar wrapper, 3 envelopes (r), anti-terrorist milk seal, damp tea bag, banana peel, apple core, apple sticker, toilet roll, toilet roll wrapping paper.

Monday 25 August, 02008

Which is bigger, π or the universe?

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:39 am

Lollie wrapper (plastic), dried out parsley, banana peel, 2x A4 (r), lemon husk, foil chocolate wrapping, pear core.

Friday 22 August, 02008

It never arrived

by Matthew Bartlett @ 12:41 pm

I am back in the loop. I have a new old cellphone. I have the same number. I’ll change that answerphone message any minute now.

Beer bottle. Banana peel. Gladwrap (cake). 3x A4 (recycled). toothpick. Gladwrap (filled roll). Tissue.

Wednesday 20 August, 02008

Room for rent

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:17 pm

We have a nice big room available for rent in our lovely apartment on Cuba Street. It’s $160 per week. It will be available from the end of next week. If you can think of anyone who might like to live with Eliza and I (and a small baby from January), please ask them to contact me. Thanks 1 million.

Carrot end. Gladwrap (cake). A4 x6 (r). Toothpick. Egg shells. Butter paper. Pear core.

Tuesday 19 August, 02008

I believe in travelling light

by Matthew Bartlett @ 8:00 pm

Paraguay now has a former bishop who is keen on liberation theology for a president. More on Democracy Now!

Banana peel. Guillotined paper offcuts. Some rice (~100 grains, cooked & reheated). Chopsticks. A4 x7 (recycled). Pear core. Floss.

Monday 18 August, 02008

The sense of the numinous

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:26 pm

Stink, the Cold War’s back on.

Banana peel. Carrot end. Pear core. Tea bag. Gladwrap (from ginger crunch). Apple core. Bank deposit slip. Word-of-the-day pages (8, recycled). A4 paper (7 sheets, recycled). Floss. Not counting things flushed, rinsed or sluiced away.

Sunday 17 August, 02008

Slow day

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:27 pm

My church is fun. I talked to some people there. One person I talked to is currently reading Ovid’s Metamorphoses and Genesis concurrently. Another is a probation officer who cares about restorative justice. Someone else spends their time studying Southern Baptists. D and I have kicked around the idea of having a series of brown bag sessions. The idea would be for parishioners who’re working on interesting things, or reading interesting things, to give short presentations followed by general discussion. This would be a. interesting, b. improve community connections and c. counter the fractured nature of our lives.

Milk Oaties packet (r). Tea bag. Nutbar box (r). Kiwifruit peels. Pear core. Tissue. Banana peel.

Saturday 16 August, 02008


by Matthew Bartlett @ 8:00 pm

Napkin (from gelato cone). Tea bags. Egg shells. Banana peels. Maple syrup bottle (recycled). Lemon husk. Falun Gong leaflet (recycled). Beer bottles (recycled). More egg shells. Egg carton (recycled). Carrot ends. Anti-terrorist milk bottle seal.

Thursday 14 August, 02008

Out damn spot

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:55 pm

I recall Walsh and Keesmaat said you can learn more about a person’s ‘worldview’ by poring through their rubbish than by perusing the books on their shelves. But either way: 30cm of floss. Lemon husk. Old takeaway container (#5 plastic). Old takeaway container (#2 – recycled). Broken wine glass and paper wrapping. Paper bag that a muffin came in. Tea bag. Pear core. Toothpick. A4 x4 (recycled). Carrot ends. Beer bottle (recycled). Library receipt (recycled).

Wednesday 13 August, 02008

Down the memory hole today

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:00 pm

Four pages of A4, stapled (Schlabach article on Yoder). Lemon husk. Banana peel. Pear core. Mandarin peels. Sandwich wrapping. Broccoli end. Sushi packages (7pcs, mostly plastic). Wine bottle (recycled). Courier envelope (recyclable (type 4) but not in Wellington). Used tea bags. Dead leaves from potplants.

Thursday 07 August, 02008

O blog, how I have let thee languish

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:44 pm

It was a good day today. In the morning I continued to learn to edit. The book I’m working on is quite hard going and full of academia-speak. At lunchtime I went out with a happy little crew and a mini-DV camera. We recorded a couple of dozen vox pops, asking people what they’d do if they were given $60 a week to make the world a better place. I think we got a lot of good footage. This is for, which ought to be live by the start of September. In the evening, Eliza and Isis and I went to Drinking Liberally to hear Trevor Mallard speak. He made a good impression on us (at least on Eliza and I — Isis wasn’t paying a lot of attention). He was down to earth. He wasn’t always on message. He wants to do what’s right for New Zealand workers. He thought the carbon tax would have been a better solution than the ETS, but that politically its moment had passed. My mabo: he is a good person to have in parliament.