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Monday 12 May, 02008

Hands up

by Matthew Bartlett @ 9:34 am

Sermon from me for Pentecost at St Michael’s [70KB PDF]
NRT on the ETS windfall
Rod Donald on Californian TV in 2003 [YT vid]

Tuesday 08 April, 02008

Small carrot

by Matthew Bartlett @ 8:17 am

NRT on the signing (I’m with him)
Transition Towns is very the good business
NTW: Can a scientist believe in the resurrection?

Monday 25 February, 02008

Different here but

by Matthew Bartlett @ 8:34 pm

Walter Brueggemann’s 19 theses on the scripts

Tuesday 30 October, 02007

1000s of kms from home and still reading theology

by Matthew Bartlett @ 3:04 am

10 propositions on political theology [via CD]
thoughts on schism for Reformation Day

Monday 06 August, 02007

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:00 am

A sermon from me about prayer
Background material: NT Wright on the Lord’s prayer and Luke & jubilee

Here is a Wendell Berry quote, from The Unsettling of America:

The question of human limits, of the proper definition and place of human beings within the order of Creation, finally rests upon our attitude toward our biological existence, the life of the body in this world. What value and respect do we give to our bodies? What uses do we have for them? What relation do we see, if any, between body and mind, or body and soul? What connections or responsibilities do we maintain between our bodies and the earth. These are religious questions, obviously, for our bodies are part of the Creation, and they involve us in all the issues of mystery. But the questions are also agricultural, for no matter how urban our life, our bodies live by farming; we come from the earth and return to it, and so we live in agriculture as we live in flesh. While we live our bodies are moving particles of the earth, joined inextricably both to the soil and to the bodies of other living creatures. It is hardly surprising, then, that there should be some profound resemblances between our treatment of our bodies and our treatment of the earth.

Saturday 14 July, 02007

by Matthew Bartlett @ 2:38 pm

In “The Other Enlightenment Project”, Stephen Batchelor says:

Today the force of the term ‘agnosticism’ has been lost. It has come to legitimate an avoidance of the existential questions posed by birth and death. Just as the modern agnostic tradition has tended to lose its confidence and lapse into scepticism, so has Buddhism tended to lose its critical edge and lapse into religiosity. What each has lost, however, the other may be able to help restore. In its encounter with secular culture, the Dharma may recover its agnostic imperative, while agnosticism may be helped to recover its soul.

This is Walsh & Keesmaat’s remix of Colossians 1:15-20:

In an image-saturated world
a world of ubiquitous corporate logos
permeating your consciousness
a world of dehydrated and captive imaginations
in which we are too numbed, satiated and co-opted
to be able to dream of life otherwise
a world in which the empire of global economic affluence
has achieved the monopoly of our imaginations
in this world
Christ is the image of the invisible God (more…)

Thursday 10 May, 02007

by Matthew Bartlett @ 12:30 pm

Chris Marshall on violence, God, and satisfaction atonement [via WRD on CD]

Thursday 05 April, 02007

by Matthew Bartlett @ 9:34 pm

John Howard Yoder’s The Priestly Kingdom is blowing my mind like it blew Cam’s before. Here is a quote:

Worship is the communal cultivation of an alternative construction of society and of history. That alternative construction of history is celebrated by telling the stories of Abraham (and Sarah and Isaac and Ishmael), of Mary and Joseph and Jesus and Mary, of Cross and Resurrection and Peter and Paul, of Peter of Cheltchitz and his Brothers, of George Fox and his Friends. How pointedly, and at what points, this celebrated construction will set us at odds with our neighbors, will of course depend on the neighbors.

Monday 26 March, 02007

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:17 am

a sermon from me, for the fifth Sunday in Lent [30K PDF]
Sealord don’t give a shit about sea stewardship [via Joel C]
Judge Cherie Booth (Tony Blair’s wife) on restorative justice [via John S on CD]

Monday 01 January, 02007

by Matthew Bartlett @ 9:47 pm

One Ingrid on Hauerwas & pacifism & such
Hauerwas on Rowan W on being where you are [100KB PDF, via Andy Goodliff]
A 2002 interview with Hauerwas in Duke magazine

With four others I’m travelling tomorrow to somewhere called Onaero, in Taranaki, for a holiday. I’ll be back Sunday evening. There might be a beach. I might learn to play cards, write in my journal, codify some NYRs, get some clarity.

Tuesday 14 November, 02006

by Matthew Bartlett @ 8:24 am

EVENT: Fernanda y Rafael de Cuba are giving a salsa performance 10pm Saturday at the St James Jimmy Bar

EVENT: Public lecture by Chris Marshall, 7pm Thursday 30 November at St John’s. Blurb: “One of the most troubling features of the Bible is the extent to which it implicates God in horrific violence. Christians have long found it difficult to reconcile this with the example of Jesus. This lecture looks to the apostle Paul for help in thinking through this important problem.”

good optical illusion [via digg]

Robert Fisk on justice, hypocrisy and Saddam [via Bel]

Monday 09 October, 02006

by Matthew Bartlett @ 2:19 pm

A sermon from me about Saint Francis

Monday 11 September, 02006

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:49 am

Another sermon from me [35KB PDF]

Wednesday 05 July, 02006

by Matthew Bartlett @ 11:08 am

Lynton summarises the FOCaL conference [via Russell B]

John Patrick, in a lecture ‘The Myth of Moral Neutrality’ [9MB mp3] said:

‘Thou shalt not steal’ is not a choice, it’s a description of who we are.

Monday 26 June, 02006

by Matthew Bartlett @ 12:20 pm

The sermon I preached yesterday