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Monday 19 March, 02012

What became of the mushrooms

by Matthew Bartlett @ 7:31 pm

You will be distressed to learn that my mushroom-growing experiment failed. The fuzz progressed a little beyond where it had got to when I last reported in, but it grew very slowly, and stopped entirely after a while. I wonder if it were too wet, or if I suffocated the mushroom fibres by leaving the lid on too long. Either way, it’s all in the compost bin now. I aim to try again in a little while, when I can find some mycelium from oyster or shiitake mushrooms.

In other mushroom-related news, these wee things showed up suddenly in a formerly shady area of the garden that has recently been pruned back heavily. I haven’t tried eating them.

Mushrooms sprouting among garden bricks

mushrooms sprouting among garden bricks