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Wednesday 26 October, 02005


by Matthew Bartlett @ 11:12 am

I’d be greatful if someone could explain New Zealand to me.

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  1. I tried to answer but it just turned into an explanation of the West, so, I don’t understand the question.

    What differentiates the answer you are looking for from the answer to the question, “explain Australia to me”, or any other country?

  2. Hans says:

    Coldplay would say kowhai

  3. Tim says:

    Your source claims one can “gambol with newborn lambs” in New Zealand. Farmers can perhaps, but is there anywhere in NZ where members if the public (tourists particularly) are able to gambol with newborn lambs?

  4. jono says:

    Beer, binge drinking

  5. That’s Hans’ best comment I’ve read in a wee while.

    New Zealand is younger than the French Revolution. NZ is younger than Beethoven. NZ is younger than dozens of Spanish Armadas, Inquisitions, and explorations. We are youth, and we walk around with a fake ID – often protected culturally by our (barely) older pals like Aussie or the States.

    The problem with teenagers, and likewise New Zealand, is that they do not fear death. They’re supposedly indestructible. I don’t think our government, or media, realise that much. The best representation of this is in John Marsden’s Tomorrow When The War Began series, surely. Throughout those novels, Marsden tells of an Australian invasion that receives minimal assistance from the above pals, or her solo-mother, Britain. NZ’s the same. You think America could save us from an economic recession in the wake of a (hypothetically, say) Bird-Flu related ban on all animal exports or touristy-travelling? No. You think Britain would intercede on our behalf if China decided to take us over? Britain vs. 1,200,000,000 people, don’t think so.

    However, being young has its advantages. To be a youth is to be flexible, and growing. We’re good students of the World Around Us, and pretty awesome at seeing a need for social venting. I mean, the NZ Wars were fairly necessary, as far as settlement goes, but we’ve always been fairly equal-sided in protests and viewpoints. Look at our election results between Left and Right. Crazy.

    And I’ve run out of wank to say.

  6. david says:

    lindale farm out past paraparaumu will allow you to even shear a sheep if you are lucky. if you want to gambol… there are options/places out there. You just have to know where to look.

    I think NZ is a place where people have been placed by their Creator to live. but it’s hard to answer a question when you don’t really know what the question is asking.

  7. rosh says:

    Are we lacking the spirituality that overflows in the east? Do we not perceive God as a male being? Our world breathes and pulses masculinity.
    Though people in Mother India may look poor and desperate to us, they have riches in their soul.
    Crisis of spirit is a crisis of opportunity. My concern is that Kiwis are not aware of this.

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