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Tuesday 10 January, 02006

Ask the universe, batman

by Matthew Bartlett @ 11:42 pm

Achievable New Year’s resolution #2: Eat fewer sweets.
Thomas Fleming: It takes an autodidact [via eleysium]
Alexis Rockman art
Stanley Hauerwas remembering John Howard Yoder
Mark Oppenheimer on Stanley Hauerwas

My HP Compaq nx8220 laptop is often freezing up completely (mouse won’t move) when the wireless adaptor is on. Any ideas?

2 responses to “Ask the universe, batman”

  1. Andeja says:

    Hi Matthew,

    I have the same laptop and it behaves the same way (randomly freezing when wireless is on).
    Did you manage to find any solution for this problem?


  2. Matthew says:

    Well, that was the beginning of an epic amount of trouble with the laptop & HP & HP’s service agent, culminating in them replacing the whole unit.

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