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Friday 28 July, 02006

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:23 am

On Monday the new 10c, 20c & 50c coins come into circulation. You could give your old ones to that evergreen parable of the Kingdom, the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary

Agriculture without oil, in Cuba [via w-berry list]
Towards an ignorance-based worldview [via w-berry list]

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  1. Lynton says:

    I love the new coins. Every day I have to stop myself from bashing some innocent dairy owner for giving me a pile of ten cent coins in place of a few decent fifties and twenties.

  2. I love the new coins. Every day I have to stop myself from bashing some innocent dairy owner for giving me a pile of ten cent coins in place of a few decent fifties and twenties.

  3. I also think that Lynton didn’t write the orinal comment. This is one of those flatmate/internet faux-pas.

  4. Martin says:

    I really dug the Cuban 2 pager speil. Great intro to spin to people to start discussions – might even spin it off to some of my High School students.


  5. Rudy says:

    I’ve read something very similar recently (re: Cuban being world leaders in organic agriculture).

    I guess good can come out of evil. Not a particularly pleasant situation for Cuba to be in (no food), but they did respond in a very positive way.

    I wonder what it will take for our govt (and the New Zealand populace as a whole) to take our food production in a similar direction?

    Hoorah for growing your own food!

  6. Matthew Baird says:

    What is the evil of Cuba?

  7. Rudy says:

    I dunno – the whole totalitarian communist regime perhaps…

  8. Sambo says:

    Rudy, watch commandante. Its a fairly decent flick which wont necessarily change your perspective, but broaden your knowledge about Cuba, its leader and Communist Cuba. I highly reccomend it.

  9. Matthew Baird says:

    OK. To say that a totalitarian regime is evil is not my cup of tea. Dangerous and lacking safeguards is more the way I’d describe it. To my knowledge they dont even repress religion in Cuba. To my knowledge also Mr. Cuban President or whatever his title is, has done a damn sight better than most of the ‘democratic’ governments I know of, in terms of looking after it’s people. Certainly better than the USA in many respects.

    It comes across to me that you see that democracy is the only right way to govern a country (rather some sort of vaguely democratic vaguely republic type system). I know I am wrong in this, so please correct me. As I have said before, it is simply the safest and least prone to corrupt use by those in power.

  10. Anabelle Tory says:

    yo! Cuba is cool, and may well be cooler once it is free of foreign sanctions and all that. woo hoo.

  11. Sambo says:

    And it is gaining more and more of that freedom each day thanks to its “evil dictator”. Sure Cuba has its issues. But as The Man said, let he without sin cast the first stone.

  12. Rudy says:

    So much for not romanticising Cuba…

    Anabelle Tory – so the reason Cuba and its people suffer is because of foreign sanctions? Surely you mean American economic sanctions, since Europe has no problems importing Cuban sugar.

    Give me a break. There’s another country with a powerful hostile neighbour that has imposed an economic blockade and continually threatens to invade it – and Taiwan is doing ok.

    Hey, Castro’s not bad, when compared to his most of his contemporaries. He’s done a lot of good for his people (ie free education, good healthcare etc).

    But he also did a lot of harm – ie let the Commies screw his country over, and repress his people.

    The people of Cuba are not free. Political dissent is stamped upon time and time again – and the govt doesn’t hide the fact. Every now and then they round up all those vocal opponents and throw them into jail on some trumped up charges.

    That’s why Cuba keeps on making the headlines with organisations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, etc.

    There’s a reason why thousands still flee from Cuba to the USA each year.

    Strange that people are so quick to condemn George Bush, a professing Christian, and leader of a democratic nation, whose people are (mostly) free.

    Yet the same people romanticize such “freedom fighters” as Che Guevera and Castro…

    It’s a bit pathetic really.

  13. Anabelle says:

    Rudy, for you is this: break. okay?

    I’m romantic but I don’t romanticize about any person or any place, not even Cuba. To risk sounding presumptuous I actually do know something about it, something more than its politics.

    I am not a communist, neither do I know much about political stuff to even try to talk about it. When I said Cuba was cool, basically I was trying to say that I liked Cuba.

  14. Sambo says:

    Rudy’s pride allows him to think everything stated with any reference on his name is a personal attack towards him, Annabelle.

    William Joseph Simmons was a professing Christian, leader of a democratic organisation and lead free people, but people were quick to condemn him. Yet the same people romanticized such “freedom fighters” as Dr. King and Malcolm X… I guess those people were pathetic.

    I suppose too, people who Condemn Tiberius, Nero and other members of the Julio-Claudian house whilst romanticizing “freedom fighters” of that time were also pathetic.

    But none of this “is on the same scale”, right?

  15. Rudy says:

    Annabelle – fair enough. I think I’d like Cuba too – as a holiday destination. I wish to visit it one day, and experience the feel of the place, the old cars, the music, the cigars!

    Sambo – thanks, you’re most kind.

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