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Saturday 29 July, 02006

by Matthew Bartlett @ 12:55 pm

namaste v. handshake
Timelapse vids on YT
Josh over there on some kind of humility in blogland

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  1. The sad one says:

    a couple of my yoga teachers in the past would say that at the end of the class. I thought it was unasked for.

  2. Sambo says:

    It has become a common courtesy – particularly in western affiliation. If you were to say “Thank you very much”, “go in peace” or something about their good health I am sure they wouldn’t say, “gosh, The sad one, who despite improving on mind and body through exercise is still sad, how rude of you to wish me well”.

  3. Matthew says:

    They say it in my class too, is why I looked it up.

    Practically everything good in my life maybe especially this week has been un asked for.

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