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Monday 11 September, 02006

Stay Human radio ideas

by Matthew Bartlett @ 1:06 pm

station name discussion here

  1. A show where we teach people how the exegete the bible. We could point them to online resources, or tell them to come into AngChap. I think it will be well received by both Christians and non-Christians. The Church as a whole is fairly poor at doing this, and so it will plug a significant hole.
  2. Esoteric Theology with Gavin Drew, featuring the Cosmic Pelvis
  3. Music shows
    1. James’ Smiths/Doves Hour
    2. Lynton’s
    3. Erin’s idiot’s guide to classical music
    4. Father Kev’s jazz improv
  4. some sort of justice show, looking at current humanitarian/ecological crises that no one cares about (i.e. West Papua independence) or looking at current events (such as Darfur) through a religious framework, instead of what we get fed through the media or the humanist (it’s all about economic/ historical/ sociological factors, but never religion) analysis we get from the UN.
  5. Simulcasts/rebroadcasts of X-Nous seminars.
  6. Rebroadcasts from e.g. Radio National AU programme on virtue ethics

42 responses to “Stay Human radio ideas”

  1. Joel Carpy says:

    The cosmic pelvis sounds like a stimulating topic, maybe a whole show dedicated to that.

  2. Timbo says:

    we need some music, right? not just The Smiths, great though they were.

    1. Lynton’s show.

    2. I see your The Smiths and raise you The Doves.

    3. Erin King’s “Idiot’s Guide to Classical Music”. She could even demosntrate ideas on the chaplaincy piano.

    4. Father Kev’s jazz improv hour (5am)

  3. James King says:

    Loving the father kev hour. Right after esoteric theology! man, you’ll either be rivited or go straight to sleep…

  4. aaron says:

    You know, at first I thought the exegesis idea was crazy wacked. But now I think that maybe it will help open a window on the world of the bible, and the dynamism of the text as it moves via the Spirit between then and now.

    If it’s done well, I can imagine non-Christians being interested as it opens up a new story to live by, and shows the ‘inspiration’ of a bible-based faith in a non-shallow way.

    Maybe it’s got legs, that idea.

  5. Tim says:

    It’s got legs, and it knows how to use ’em

  6. James King says:

    It also has boots, and those boots were made for exegetical walking, and that’s just what they’ll do….

    Doesn’t have the rhythm of the original… sigh …

  7. Mark says:

    There needs to be gospel music every now and again between Smiths numbers. Or maybe vice versa. Or maybe no Smiths at all. As for Joneses, how about Tom? He must have a gospel album somewhere. I know Elvis does. And then there’s Johnny Cash. “From My Mother’s Hymn Book” leaps to mind.

    But I reckon a key thing will be interviews, really humming ones, with big names and small. Eg. Nick Willis, Brooke Fraser, Bernie Fraser, Tom Wright, Terry Wright…

  8. Timbo says:

    Can we have a straw poll on “Stay Human FM” as the name of the station?. David Newton is adamant that the name must reflect the values contained on the chaplaincy website (see, and therefore have a slightly subversive tang. At the moment, he thinks “Stay Human FM” is the best name by a country 1500m, and will take a lot of convincing otherwise. But he is open to other names, provided that they reflect the values of the chaplaincy etc.

  9. Mike P says:

    Stay Human FM doesn’t really roll of the tongue that well. Just my opinion. Was gonna suggest Grace FM but some crew in London beat us to it ( if you’re interested).

    Music wise, can I suggest an accoustic/unplugged night? Stuff like Damien Rice, Bright Eyes etc….

  10. Matthew says:

    Grace in the public imagination is soft and fluffy.

  11. richface says:

    How about “Nurturing the Spirituality of Christian Students and Staff FM”?

  12. Ben (Brewski) says:

    I enjoy Brooke Fraser and all those other softer forms of music, ie. Shaun Macdonald, but will we have anything rocky?? Thinking Wash, Rapture Ruckus/Magnify? I haven’t been to any of the meetings sorry, am working, so i don’t know the radio format or demographic, but i know that i wouldn’t solely listen to soft music. How broad is the demogrphic you are trying to reach? And also, are you not trying to get non-Christians to listen aswell.

    Possible names for the station: Steady Footing FM. It’s unfortunate that the name “TheRock” is gone already. Is not that the essence of Christianity, Christ. Walk on Water FM?=)

  13. Mike Pohatu says:

    I don’t reckon we should stick with the soft music. I’d be keen to hear some Mars Volta, P.O.D (though I’m not a huge fan, they’re good Christian boys), Muse etc. It’ll still be a station tied to the uni, and a lot of uni students are into some pretty aggressive music. We should probably have at least one show a week with some rock/metal/hardcore.

    Name wise, how about Search FM? The station for people looking for the truth?

  14. Brewski says:

    Love the name! It definatly fits what the station will be representing. And its hip to. Gotta go with the rock/metal/hardcore show i reckon too. AgentC, Haste the Day, Zao, Pillar… 4sure, there’s alot of good Christian music that ANYONE can enjoy and rock out to.

  15. Joel says:

    I don’t like Christian music…


    sort of.

  16. James King says:

    Yeah, a lot of Christian music is sub-cultural, and lets face it, musically lame.

    SHFM is not designed to be subculutral, but within the culture. That means we should mix up music from all walks of life, and treat that as a natural mix. We’re aiming to normalise Christian spirituality.

    I think there is a lot of good Christian stuff, but as with anything else we need to filter it well, and not lower the bar because its ‘Christian’.

  17. joel says:

    Before any final decision is made on the name there are a few issues regarding branding and chaplaincy ministry that I have to work through with David Newton and Tim, but I’ll keep you posted on this front.

  18. joel says:

    to be honest. I think my ‘Funnel’ suggestion could be bettered by a long shot, would still be good to come up with something that reflects the aims of the station.

  19. aaron says:

    I’m not convinced there’s anything wrong with ‘Stay Human’. It’s intriguing.

  20. Mike Pohatu says:

    Don’t like Stay Human. I don’t think it’s a good name for a radio station. If we’re trying to be subversive about things then the name will immediately put us on the back foot. It’s just too weird a name. Everyone will think we’re a bunch of hippies (which we probably are, but we shouldn’t brand ourselves as such). We’ll spend all our time explaining it to people.

    I like the message it conveys, but don’t think it will cut it as a brand for the station. Let the content do the talking. Saying too much in the name could paint us into a corner later down the track, and could create a barrier to certain people that will stop them from listening all together.

    I like the simplicity of ‘Funnel FM’, but the first thing I think of, especially as the station is linked to the Uni (and therefore students), is beer funnels.


    Challenge FM
    Station 7

    Don’t really think either of them are that flash but might spark a brilliant idea in someone else.

    Brain storming session anyone? Joel, sometime this week?

  21. Jono says:

    Insatiable Times FM
    Brotherhood Studio FM
    Silence Hobo FM
    Neon Community FM
    Feisty Visions FM
    White Notes FM
    Beanie Life FM
    Round Voices Radio
    Intelligent Dreams Radio
    Smiling Chronicles Radio
    Empty Times Radio
    Crumpled Sounds Radio
    Vivacious Journal Radio
    Jagged Home Radio

  22. aaron says:

    How about ‘Radio Hauraki’? It’s got a nice ring to it.

  23. Tim says:

    What do people think of the following?

    Nurture FM
    Suckling FM
    Radio Holism
    Equip FM
    Radio Mammary
    Nightingale Sang FM
    Mother’s Breast FM

  24. Tim says:

    Aaron, possibly the joke of the year for you right there.

  25. kathy says:

    I reckon Stay Human wins out of all that lot. Please please don’t play any Brooke Fraser, maybe leave that to More FM.

  26. jono says:

    Tim, I think those ideas are fantastic. Another one to consider is Radio More Albertine.

  27. Mike says:

    Some more suggestions

    Core FM
    Radio Disruption
    The Portal
    Walker FM (as in walking, not Texas Ranger)
    A bunch of dorks playing good music FM
    It’s late and I should be in bed FM

    Right thats enough :D

  28. Lynton says:

    I still like Stay Human, but Alt-FM could be a goer.

  29. Robert says:

    Hi Peoples

    I made a suggestion for the coffee shop some time last year of:
    Make Believers Cafe. It could work for a radio station i.e. Make Believers FM

  30. Mike Pohatu says:

    I quite like Brotherhood Studio. Still not sure how good it is as a radio station name (I’m still keen on a short name) but it will be good for something.

  31. Matthew says:

    That name would alienate 50% of the population.

  32. Richard D. Bartlett says:

    Eek! ‘Brotherhood’ makes me think of a Klan meeting.

    …or alternatively a Black Panther meeting.

  33. Mike Pohatu says:

    Oh yeah, it does have kind of a klan meeting feel to it now you mention it.

    We’re not really any closer to choosing a name are we?

  34. Mike Pohatu says:

    More suggestions:

    Track FM
    Tu Meke FM
    Awhero FM (awhero is maori for hope)
    Bridge FM

  35. Richard D. Bartlett says:

    Awhero would be my second-favourite after Stay Human

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