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Monday 01 January, 02007

by Matthew Bartlett @ 9:47 pm

One Ingrid on Hauerwas & pacifism & such
Hauerwas on Rowan W on being where you are [100KB PDF, via Andy Goodliff]
A 2002 interview with Hauerwas in Duke magazine

With four others I’m travelling tomorrow to somewhere called Onaero, in Taranaki, for a holiday. I’ll be back Sunday evening. There might be a beach. I might learn to play cards, write in my journal, codify some NYRs, get some clarity.

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  1. Ingrid says:


    I’m honored to have a link posted on your site . . . I have a fancy stalker-ish function installed on my blog that tells me not who visited but how many each day and what websites referred them – you’ve sent me 8 this week. :)

    I really appreciated the “being where you are” article – thank you, Hauerwas. If I feel like I’m on an adventure I can put up with just about anything, but I’m in a phase where much of my day-to-day life doesn’t feel like doing something and I get impatient and hassled much more easily. Isa. 40:31 – soaring and running are exhilarating but ya can’t live on an adrenaline high – to “walk and not be faint” is where hope and perseverance really come in. I techincally know that but it’s important to be reminded.

    Peace from the opposite side of the planet,

  2. Matthew says:

    Thanks Ingrid, happy to be of service. Yes, that SH article came to me at exactly the right time too. Peace to you.

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