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Friday 16 February, 02007

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:35 am

Paul Graham on wisdom v. intelligence
The Living Machine

Who’s the wisest person you know?

In Educating for a Sustainable Future [55MB mp3], David Orr says: “we ought to begin pricing non-renewable fuels at the same rate as the cheapest renewable substitute.”

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  1. Ben Hoyt says:

    I’d go with that. :-) Well, maybe my top three: Jesus, Dad, Mum.

  2. Richard D. Bartlett says:

    I reckon anyone that can be a Reformed minister while simultaneously keeping a) his integrity and b) my respect must be pretty wise. So yeah, Revs Hoyt and de Vos would be up there on my list. Lots of Mums too. Also, Aaron J Stewart, but I’m not sure if he is truly wise or it’s just that he takes a long time to respond to questions.

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