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Wednesday 21 February, 02007

by Matthew Bartlett @ 8:06 am

Discussion in parliament about Helen Clark’s carbon neutrality goal

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  1. Richard D. Bartlett says:

    I hope that website is going to make someone a lot of money because it is about the best thing since trademe.

  2. dan says:

    It is a great site.

    I’d not been incredibly familiar with the goings-on of the house, but having read some of those discussions, I’m quite disappointed at the culture of petty bickering, insinuations, and very thinly veiled personal digs.

    These are the leaders of our nation – why do we support this sort of carry-on?

  3. Matthew says:

    Agreed, it’s embarrasing.

  4. dennis bartlett says:

    “all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing”

  5. dan says:

    How can one graciously call them to account?

  6. D says:

    I think that’s hilarious! If I fail at all else, I think I could have a good future in politics – particularly if I wasn’t terribly concerned about actually achieving anything…

  7. dennis bartlett says:

    the money’s good but the hours are long

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