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Tuesday 27 March, 02007

from a good safe distance

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:45 am

Paul Hawken’s diary of the WTO’s big day in Seattle. It’s quite a read:

One by one, our heads were jerked back from the rear, and pepper was sprayed directly into each eye. It was very professional. Like hair spray from a stylist. Sssst. Sssst.

What makes life worthy and allows civilizations to endure are all the things that have “bad” payback under commercial rules: infrastructure, universities, temples, poetry, choirs, literature, language, museums, terraced fields, long marriages, line dancing, and art. Most everything we hold valuable is slow to develop, slow to learn, and slow to change. Commerce requires the governance of politics, art, culture, and nature, to slow it down, to make it heedful, to make it pay attention to people and place. It has never done this on its own. The extirpation of languages, cultures, forests, and fisheries is occurring worldwide in the name of speeding up business.

My notes from tonight’s NZCTU forum with Nicky Hager, Therese Arseneau and Andrew Geddis [small PDF]

5 responses to “from a good safe distance”

  1. Simon says:

    Since nobody is responding to this message, check out the link below and tell me that isn’t Lynton Baird underneath the “Down with Nanny State” sign.

  2. Tim says:

    I see five people I know in that photo. Go you good things.

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