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Monday 28 May, 02007


by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:15 am

I watched V for vendetta last night. It’s probably been said before & my head is in the sand, but it was interesting to me that the movie makes you sympathise with someone who blows up a big symbolic building (presumably killing quite a few people, though it could have been evacuated) and feel that some good has been achieved in that, that a hegemonic power has been decisively cracked. Which is all reminiscent of the world trade centre building business.

4 responses to “Polictical”

  1. Richard D. Bartlett says:

    It has been said before, but not with half the volume you’d expect it to have been said.

    I thought it was a beautiful film with excellent acting, casting, writing, filming, etc, etc; the themes were delicate and complex while maintaining strength and being startlingly forthright at times.

    The way the whole thing sorta slipped under the radar without stirring a mass of controversy amazes me.

  2. D says:

    Yes it was a wonderful movie. I’ve bought a copy…

    Well written and as Richard says, some strong themes. Probably the first movie I’ve watched which made me feel strongly that it was an injustice for homosexuality to be illegal.

  3. dennis bartlett says:

    give Labour another term and it could well be compulsory

  4. Bel says:

    Check the source material yo.

    Alan Moore wrote the original graphic novel – he is a maestro.
    Its pretty much the first adaptation that hasn’t butchered his work, though he still asked for his name to be removed and has never seen it. Moore apparently hasn’t ever quite gotten over what was done to “From Hell” and “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, both two of the best comics I’ve ever read, and films I never intend seeing.

    And um MEMO: hating on gays…yeah, not cool.

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