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Friday 17 August, 02007

Stonecutters made them from stones!

by Matthew Bartlett @ 8:40 am

RDB take plenty good photo

Said Justin Martyr (100–165):

[The demons] struggle to have you as their slaves and servants … they get hold of all who do not struggle to their utmost for their own salvation—as we do who, after being persuaded by the Word, renounced them. Specifically in the baptismal renunciation of the devil and all his works. and now follow the only unbegotten God through his Son. Those who once rejoiced in fornication now delight in continence alone; those who made use of magic arts have dedicated themselves to the good and unbegotten God; we who once took most pleasure in the means of increasing our wealth and property now bring what we have into a common fund and share with everyone in need; we who hated and killed one another and would not associate with men of different tribes because of [their different] customs, now after the manifestation of Christ live together and pray for our enemies and try to persuade those who unjustly hate us, so that they, living according to the fair commands of Christ, may share with us the good hope of receiving the same things … The teachings of Christ were short and concise, for he was no sophist, but his word was the power of God. [via tSJCotACiANZaP]

2nd-century rabbinic riff on creation feat. speaking letters (“The light of the first day was of a sort that would have enabled man to see the world at a glance from one end to the other … It takes five hundred years to walk from the earth to the heavens. … There are also five different kinds of fire in hell.”)

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  1. dennis bartlett says:

    I like Mr Martyr, nice quote Matt.

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