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Thursday 20 December, 02007


by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:13 pm

I ought to be writing or at least researching for a sermon I have to deliver in three days. Instead I’m reading an excellent new interview with Kim Stanley Robinson. A quotelet:

… the word sustainability is now code for: let’s make capitalism work over the long haul, without ever getting rid of the hierarchy between rich and poor and without establishing social justice.

3 responses to “Watchword”

  1. Hard out. An interesting call. This is absolute heresy of me for saying so, but I do wonder how much influence Industry-with-a-capital-I has had on the “Impending doom of climate change”.

    My reasoning is that, the imminent catastrophy’s solutions have all seemed to contribute to the growth of capitalism. ie: there has been no growth of a new market, rather we are altering established ones – thus protecting the Major Players. A classic example is Toyota with its Prius – slowly grabbing more and more market share of the Automobile Industry. In that instance, all the consumer has done is alter the product it prefers. Nothing more drastic than preferring a Ford to a Holden.

    This means that The Corporation idealogy is governing the way we look at climate change. Surely it is about time the Consumer takes control of the situation. New Markets need to be invented, rather than altering Old ones.

  2. Matthew says:

    What new markets would you like invented, Dan?

  3. Architects and regional councils are the ones with the most work to do, for true sustainability to begin – I feel. That divide between Hilton hotels on the waterfront, and council flats in the hills of Brooklyn is particularly obvious here…

    Walk-able communities need to be designed and authorised.

    To do this, the entire structure of oil-dependency, and “hope” to the “future” of the automobile industry are ridden from our society. Watch the hierarchy then.

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