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Thursday 21 February, 02008

Ngauranga to Airport Corridor study

by Matthew Bartlett @ 7:11 am

The date for last submissions on the Ngauranga to Airport Corridor study has been extended a week, to 29 February.

the Welly Chamber of Commerce weighs in [PDF]

Staircase bookcase [via K]

2 responses to “Ngauranga to Airport Corridor study”

  1. richie_f says:

    According to work’s ‘SurfControl’ web-filtering software, the ‘staircase bookcase’ site is ‘Adult Entertainment’, and I have just been reported to HR. Whoops!

  2. Matthew says:

    Sorry… that is because the name of that site is something like ‘Architecture Porn’ … and now you’ll be reported again for looking at this post.

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