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Wednesday 28 May, 02008

It barks at no one

by Matthew Bartlett @ 9:00 am

Amusing bagging of Wellington hospital’s redevelopment
NRT on the Greens’ position on the ETS
Russell Brown on the Housing Corp bizo
Ralph Nader at Google
12 issues Ralph and I think are important

The depressing thing is that even though National have said absolutely nothing of interest in the election campaign to date (please correct me if I am wrong), they are still likely to be running the show by the end of the year.

3 responses to “It barks at no one”

  1. Matthew Bartlett says:

    What made you a RN fan, Lynton?

  2. Lynton says:

    As I watched his talk at Google, it very much reminded of E F Schumacher’s “Small is Beautiful”. Like Schumacher, RN critiques the idea that technological advances are automatically good and should be welcomed. He recognises the power that corporations have in politics and wants to limit it. We have seen this recently with the owners of the Tiwai Aluminium Smelter trying to flex muscle. He wants more people involved in american politics; more voices to be heard. He wants to cut military spending not increase it like the other candidates and I am pretty sure he would sign the cluster bomb agreement.

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