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Tuesday 01 July, 02008


by Matthew Bartlett @ 9:56 am

Ben Hoyt/Brush Technology’s new gift list website

3 responses to “Gifty”

  1. Ben Hoyt says:

    Ta for the mention, Matt. Anyone reading this blog can have mate’s rates. :-)

  2. Kudos

    p.s. Is saying ‘kudos’ really equivalent to the giving of kudos? I’ve thought the same question about “I’m gunna praise Him! Prai-ai-ai-aise Him! Praise! Him!”
    p.p.s Hopefully my extended inquiry into the nature of my kudos is kudos enough.

  3. Ben Hoyt says:

    Kudos for the kudos. :-)

    Ah, meta-kudos! St James, I think, would say saying’s not equivalent to giving: “Suppose someone has run out of money for food and clothes. If you say, ‘Kudos, and I hope it gets better for ya,’ but do nothing to help, what’s up with that?”

    That said, I could tell from the bit patterns in your IP address that you really meant it.

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