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Monday 18 August, 02008

The sense of the numinous

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:26 pm

Stink, the Cold War’s back on.

Banana peel. Carrot end. Pear core. Tea bag. Gladwrap (from ginger crunch). Apple core. Bank deposit slip. Word-of-the-day pages (8, recycled). A4 paper (7 sheets, recycled). Floss. Not counting things flushed, rinsed or sluiced away.

3 responses to “The sense of the numinous”

  1. dennis bartlett says:

    re the Cold War as a Texan would say “all hat no cattle”

  2. Matthew Bartlett says:

    How do you mean? The US is weakening, but Russia’s position is growing stronger, no?

  3. dennis bartlett says:

    I think USA ‘put Georgia up to it’to a degree at least such that the rhetoric was tough but not backed with appropriate action to support their aggressive puppet leaving them out to dry when the Russians struck back very aggressively leaving the Russkies to give Georgia a spanking. Very similar to Bush #1 putting the Kurds up to rebeling against Sadam at the end of Desert Storm then not following through with practical support when Saddam retaliated against them. In summary being close friends with the US is fine but don’t be unduely encouraged when they suggest you throw of the yoke of the oppressor.They are dangerous friends!

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