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Wednesday 10 September, 02008

The weaker argument defeats the stronger

by Matthew Bartlett @ 2:41 pm

From The Monkey Wrench Gang, by Edward Abbey:

No one ever stopped. Except the Highway Patrol arriving promptly fifteen minutes late, radioing the report of an explicable billboard fire to a casually scornful dispatcher at headquarters, then ejecting self from vehicle, extinguisher in gloved hand, to ply the flames for a while with little limp gushes of liquid sodium hydrochloride (“wetter than water” because it adheres better, like soapsuds) to the pyre. Futile if gallant efforts. Dehydrated by months, sometimes years of desert winds and thirsty desert air, the pine and paper of the noblest most magnificent of billboards yearned in every molecule for quick combustion, wrapped itself in fire with the mad lust, the rapt intensity, of lovers fecundating. All-cleansing fire, all-purifying flame, before which the asbestos-hearted plutonic pyromaniac can only genuflect and pray.

3 responses to “The weaker argument defeats the stronger”

  1. Tunesifter says:

    One of my fav books, and authors – have you read “Hayduke lives?” it’s in the welly public librarium from memory – well it was there back in 2004………

    There’s some great bill boards here in AKL that would be fun to chop, in a non-violent pacifistic christian way….

  2. Matthew Bartlett says:

    Excellent. No, I haven’t yet. I’ll check it out.

    As to the rest, I couldn’t possibly condone anything like that (on a public blog).

    Though I am looking for some Auckland-based folks (and anywhere else, actually) to chalk (or stencil, or whatever)

    More $$ from Oct 1! Why not…

    everywhere they can, tomorrow night.

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