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Friday 17 October, 02008

Biofuels panel

by Matthew Bartlett @ 2:49 pm

My notes from yesterday’s excellent biofuels panel discussion at Dev-Zone

2 responses to “Biofuels panel”

  1. dennis bartlett says:

    That was indeed interesting …let me know if another comes along…I’ll try and get to it. That David Blume was on Nat radio…..Mentioned big oil of the 20’s put 7 mllion in to funding the prohibitionists!

  2. paul bowman says:

    Hi, it’s some weeks since I’ve looked in here. Just gotten around to adding your feed to my reader, too. In the meantime, I missed this.

    Just want to note here that Blume has an interesting site, worth looking over. A lot of interview & presentation audio clips, some of considerable length.

    The idea of pushing varied ‘intelligent agriculture’ alternatives with smaller-scale, localized, perhaps collective-based or otherwise non-corporate biofuel production as a transitional step is appealing to me, in context of a broader, long-term vision for reformed urban/suburban development, moves to beef up mass transit, &c. Blume seems to have a key, there, to what might be done in the very near term — with the dual effects of making what we already have (i.e., badly planned neighborhood & land use plus lots of cars) really cleaner, and providing a step toward strengthened connection between the (more or less) local resource/production economy and everyday life. Practical change & perspectival change in one relatively accessible measure — that’s interesting to me. Trying to become more acquainted with the critical discussion on these things.

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