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Sunday 19 October, 02008


by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:25 pm

Yesterday I did a couple of hours of garden work, for the first time in years. It was at Castle Semeloff, and it was very good fun. Shane and I dug a garden. I sawed planks for low walls around it. While digging I accidentally killed one or two enormous worms, thick as my index finger. I think they were native worms. They were milky white, with faint tigerish markings. White fluid came out of them when they died, and they had a sort of smaller worm inside them that looked like an umbilical cord. We covered the garden in soil from their old compost bin. It is amazing how coffee grounds and old veges and fish heads turn into nice brown soil in just a couple of years.

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  1. dennis bartlett says:

    your mum recently put half a ton of sheep poo on ours……should be a good gardening year!

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