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Tuesday 28 October, 02008

Guns, germs and steel, but mostly guns

by Matthew Bartlett @ 1:02 pm

The top 20 arms-producing companies (excluding China) for 2006, with total after-tax company profit in US dollars: Boeing (USA) $2.2b, Lockheed Martin (USA) $2.5b, BAE Systems (UK) $1.2b, Northrop Grummane (USA) $1.5b, Raytheon (USA) $1.3b, General Dynamics (USA) $1.9b, EADS (W. Eur.) $124m
BAE Systems Inc. (USA & UK) ?, L-3 Communications (USA) $526m, Finmeccanica (Italy) $1.3b, Thales (France) $487m, United Technologies (USA) $3.7b, Halliburtong (USA) $2.3b, KBR (Halliburton) (USA) $168m, Computer Sciences Corp. (USA) ?, SAICh (USA) $391m, Honeywell (USA) $2.1b, MBDA (W. Eur.) ?, Rolls-Royce (UK) $1.8b, SAFRAN (France) $222m. Other well-known companies that are further down the list include General Electric, Saab, Goodrich, Kawasaki, Mitsubishi, Samsung, NEC. This list doesn’t include suppliers of oil, electricity, office computers or uniforms. Lots more here, if you’re interested [120KB PDF, via Jolyon at].

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  1. dennis bartlett says:

    wadda the Russkies use?

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