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Wednesday 19 November, 02008

A green step

by Matthew Bartlett @ 11:02 am

We live in an apartment and don’t have our own back yard. We have been putting a lot of organic waste into the ($1.85 each) council rubbish bags. Peelings, coffee grounds, teabags, old flowers, that sort of thing. That’s been grating on me, so now I’ve got a bucket and arranged to empty it every few days into the compost bin of a friend who lives down the road. It took a while to find a suitable bucket. Neither Mitre 10 nor The Warehouse sold plastic buckets with tight-fitting lids. I ended up getting one that used to have yoghurt in it from a cafe that another friend works at. They usually throw them out and gave it to me for free.

6 responses to “A green step”

  1. kathy says:

    Oops, oops! I meant to give you that one I have. Ah well.

  2. Iggy says:

    i was just in chch – there everyone is getting three new wheelie bins. one for landfill waste (small), one for organic waste including meat twigs etc (large), and a medium sized one for recycling every sort of plastic even takeaway coffee cup lids.

    they are not all collected each week, there is some sort of rotation thing going on, so the volume of landfill waste from each house will be rather constrained! whoopee!

    i didn’t manage to find out who would be carrying out the recycling (e.g. shipped overseas or local) but am otherwise totally impressed by the whole initiative

  3. Matthew Bartlett says:

    Danke schön Iggy. Elsewhere recycling is in a lot of trouble. As I understand it, the economic downturn means prices for recycled material are very low. Producer responsibility is the answer, I think.

  4. Jon Marinus says:

    Anyone with any ideas of how to dispose of an old, broken, oil heater and turntable thoughtfully? Ordinarily, they’d go to a landfill, but would rather they didn’t. Too defunct to go an op shop.

  5. richie_f says:

    I suggest waiting until the manufacturers of those goods are required to accept them back for disposal.

  6. Matthew Bartlett says:

    Ha. No ideas from me either sorry Jon.

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