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Wednesday 26 November, 02008

Pushing at least two of my buttons

by Matthew Bartlett @ 1:50 pm

2 responses to “Pushing at least two of my buttons”

  1. What exactly do the white arrows mean? Does Philips span that range of greenness, or have they dropped in recent times?

    What are the units of the scale, and why are they distributed non-linearly?

    And most importantly, why can I not view the data from previous versions concurrently?

  2. Matthew Bartlett says:

    Arrows mean recent significant movement. Philips have dropped, because they lobby against producer responsibility.

    Units are 51 things that Greenpeace care about (top three are hazardous waste, takeback programmes and emissions) / 10 for easy brains. Scale is non-linear because most of the interest is currently clustered between 3 and 6.

    I don’t know. It would be better if you could more easily see the trends over time.

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