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Tuesday 20 January, 02009


by Matthew Bartlett @ 12:13 pm

Perhaps this will be of interest. Since May last year I’ve been keeping a history file, which I add to when I learn some new historical factoid. Of course it is an eternal work in progress. I suppose that most of the value in it is in manipulating it and adding new items, rather than just reading it. Here it is.

3 responses to “History.txt”

  1. Lucky.

    Einstein gets in there twice.

  2. Matthew Bartlett says:

    Yes, that is me experimenting with representing ranges by having the item appear at both its start and endpoint.

  3. Oo I cee.

    A very informative read. Though I feel if you did that with everything that had ranges you’d needlessly complicate your flow and reduce your maximum data capacitance before it becomes a meaningless jumble.

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