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Tuesday 16 December, 02003


by Matthew Bartlett @ 9:02 am

It’s me birthday tomorrow. Twenty-four. When Dad was twenty-four he was waking driving pacing waiting for me to be born. I shall make a list of things i’d like:

  • a purpose
  • a girlfriend
  • a new job
  • a drumkit
  • a xmas mug
  • a santa sock
  • a snow globe
    o wait, i already got those at our work do
  • a big cross tattoed on my chest
  • to be a Proverbs-man
  • to make everyone who meets me happy
  • a deep, even tan
  • a way to coordinate xians to accomplish worthwhile tasks

15 responses to “Wishlist”

  1. david says:

    matt, why are you looking for your purpose when you know it’s to love God and enjoy Him forever? starting right now.

  2. matt says:

    can you imagine a more general purpose than that??

  3. kathy says:

    sounds like you got a purpose in making everyone happy or you mean like a vocation?

  4. ange says:

    tans from the sun are over rated, my mum almost died of skin cancer so say NO to sun bathing naked and yes to Fake (even though it has nasty stuff in it)

  5. sternum says:

    Real nice girls don’t care about tans. I know a nice girl who told me a few times that I’m hot wether I’m tanned or not. But girls like that are nearly impossible to find, so yeh, get a tan matt.

  6. matt says:

    the deep tan is so that later in summer i will be protected from burning

  7. david says:

    I don’t think the purpose I mentioned wa that generic… it affects each and every thing we do. I think that we (I) live too much of our lives on our own and only doing things for God when we remember or on sunday. If we had more of a relationship with our Saviour and loved Him more, then we would do more for him. Anyways, this very much applies to me.

  8. matt says:

    fair enough. take it as given that glorify God and enjoy him forever is my purpose. i’m just saying that that’s not very specific. represent God well is a bit better, for me, i think, but still that doesn’t help me to decide to say devote my life to being the Best Webdesigner Ever. i guess i want to be the best X ever. And X is what i’m looking for when i say ‘a purpose’.

  9. david says:

    have you seen the film XXX? maybe that will tell you what X is. just a thought…

  10. Deb says:

    Deep even tan means your skin is already damaged and will be extra wrinkly when you get old, aside from cancer risk. Clever Ange is right.

    So maybe a Proverbs man would look after himself and stay out of the sun when he can?

  11. dan says:

    co-ordinating christians is like herding cats.

  12. Deb says:

    ie. tanning.

    I’m full of unsolicited advice.

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