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Friday 10 July, 02009

JHY for the day

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:38 pm

John Howard Yoder’s book The Original Revolution arrived in the mail a few days ago, care of (the apparently a bit neglected & imho foolishly volunteer-staffed) goodbooks. Treat. Here’s a cracker quote from chapter 2, The Political Axioms of the Sermon on the Mount:

As the parallel statements in verse 45 and in Luke 6 make clear, we are asked to “resemble God” just at this one point: not in His omnipotence or His eternity or His impeccability, but simply in the undiscriminating or unconditional character of His love. This is not a fruit of long growth and maturation; it is not inconceivable or impossible. We can do it tomorrow if we believe. We can stop loving only the lovable, lending only to the reliable, giving only to the grateful, as soon as we grasp and are grasped by the unconditionality of the benevolence of God.

2 responses to “JHY for the day”

  1. Ben Hoyt says:

    Huh. Sounds like the start of a Reformed sermon about the “communicable” and “incommunicable” attributes of God. :-)

  2. Matthew Bartlett says:

    I had forgotten about those.

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