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Sunday 22 November, 02009

Getting 10:10 to New Zealand

by Matthew Bartlett @ 8:40 pm

10:10 is a campaign to get individuals, businesses and organisations to commit to reducing their carbon emissions by 10% in 2010. It was started in the UK by the excellent director of The Age of Stupid, Franny Armstrong. Chris Laidlaw interviewed 10:10 manager Daniel Vockins a couple of Saturdays ago (download it here). 10:10 has had quite a bit of success in Britain, with about 50,000 committed so far, including celebrity-types, MPs and sports teams. Vockins said if 1,010 New Zealanders sign up on the 10:10 global website they’ll launch it here by Christmas. I have signed up, and I think you should to. If you sign up you’ll receive pointers on achieving the cuts. Although individual consumption choices dictate only a small percentage of total emissions (see graph below – as Alex Steffen says “the parts of our lives that actually fall within our direct control are the tips of systemic icebergs”), the campaign has the potential to build a movement that would show politicians and industry (who can actually make the necessary reductions), as well as the public itself, that there is widespread support for real change. There’s lots more guff about 10:10 on the Guardian website if you’re interested.


2 responses to “Getting 10:10 to New Zealand”

  1. Rosie says:

    I’ve signed up.

    I don’t agree with your comment “Although individual consumption choices dictate only a small percentage of total emissions.”

    I went to a talk yesterday by Glen Peters, a climate change researcher from Norway. He looked at statistics relating to the consumption side of emissions for different countries. In European countries, although domestic emissions (from production) have mostly decreased, emissions from consumptions of imports have increased. This doesn’t show up in a graph like the one above, but would show up in other countries total emissions(especially China).

    I can’t find the presentation, but an article about Norwegian imports is here:

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