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Tuesday 23 December, 02003


by Matthew Bartlett @ 12:59 pm

My friend Lynton won tickets to the Big Day Out. He’s giving me one of them, which is awfully nice of him. Am particularly looking forward to Muse, The Mars Volta, Black Eyed Peas, Aphex Twin, Gerling and Fat Freddy’s. Yeeoar!

8 responses to “Nice”

  1. david says:

    you are a blessed young man yes?

  2. Sam says:

    I have decided to can BDO this year. Am breaking the long running tradition just once.

  3. Daniel says:

    Um… Metallica? Not in the slightest bit interested? At all? Not even a tinsy winsy littlest wee bit?

  4. matt says:

    o yeah, they’ll be alright
    in a limited way for an off-night

  5. sternum says:

    don’t be silly matt. you know metallica will rock. you know it!

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