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Monday 19 January, 02004

The divine spark

by Matthew Bartlett @ 12:38 am

Good ideas (creativity, inspiration) are communications straight from God. If you have a good idea, and you can’t think of any good reason why you shouldn’t, you should act on it as soon as possible. If you can think of good reasons why you shouldn’t act on it, it wasn’t a good idea straight from God in the first place. It is a terrible shame to waste these inspirations.

When i dance to try and impress girls i dance poorly, and rarely impress girls. When the calculating part of me surrenders control over my limbs and muscles to some other, deeper part, i dance beautifully, and impress girls.

My friend Lynton B (who turns 21 in a week) took me to the Big Day Out on Friday. It was nice. Flaming Lips, Basement Jaxx, Salmonella Dub, The Mars Volta, Shapeshifter, Muse and Flinns were highlights. Here we are just after getting in the gates:

Lynton’s brother Matthew writes poems to break bits off your rusty heart.

5 responses to “The divine spark”

  1. Tam says:

    Hello there, nice blog! I adore The Mars Volta (and their previous incarnations Sparta & At the Drive In) and was annoyed when I couldn’t go to the BDO this year. Bah!

  2. k says:

    ooooooooo rusty heart! what about if the reason you don’t act on it isn’t because it’s not direct form god but coz u are overcome with your weakness?i mean maybe the ideas that we can rationalise our way out of acting on might be from god top

  3. matt says:

    perhaps, but i would say the weakness is ours, not God’s, and it’s possible to overcome it.

  4. david says:

    you should have smiled in your photo. It was a free concert after all. here’s an interesting example: God told Moses to go to Pharaoh but Moses started to rationalise things and in the end God got fed up with Moses and said, “Fine then, I’ll get your brother Aaron to do the talking!”

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