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Wednesday 21 January, 02004

Birthday dinner

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:46 pm

My friends, I am pencilling in Friday, February 13 for a birthday celebration for me. My birthday was December 17, and i turned 24, but i was slack. I didn’t realise then that the International Year of Matthew was on the horizon. I aim to have dinner at The Jewel of Nepal in Newtown, and then head back to the flat in Oriental Bay for drinky-poos. Any objections?

4 responses to “Birthday dinner”

  1. david says:

    no objections at all! dang it boy, I’ll be there. And I may bring my wife too.

  2. richdog says:

    Whilst doing a google search on “richard steenhof” to see if I’f been immortalised on the internet, I came across your blog matt. providence. ill be there, but i have to find out whos going first of course, i wont be seen out with any nerds

  3. ange says:

    can i combine with this and call it a joyous celebration of matts year of 24 and my year of 21

  4. matt says:

    that’s a possibility, but the thing is there’s only room for about 30, and i’ve already thought of more people i’d like to invite

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