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Friday 30 January, 02004

Get in ma belly

by Matthew Bartlett @ 10:59 am

I am currently recording a food log, trying to figure out what i eat in a week, and what it all costs. I hope to find out whether it is financially a good idea to get a weekly weekly fruit & vege delivery from Yummy Tummy Organics, like David & Angela do.

24 responses to “Get in ma belly”

  1. I'm not david says:

    um, I’m new here. Never been here before. I thought I’d just make an unbiased statement seeing as I’m NOT david. I think you should go for YummyTummy. It’s a great thing to do. Really good. So go for it. I’d do it myself (if I was you, or David (not that I am David)).

  2. aaron says:

    In the ‘Why go Organic’ section, there’s one claim that I find…difficult to believe (among many good ones). Do organic veges really provide “better storage?

  3. I'm David says:

    what do you mean ‘provide better storage’? That don’t make sense. Unless you mean that organic veges are generally smaller, but have more taste, so you don’t need the bigger size as the smaller more nutritious organic vege is better. So in that case, you will save room.

  4. aaron says:

    don’t blame me; that’s what THEY said.

  5. better storage because they are naturally grown and ripened and not rushed; hence they keep for longer than the stressed out chemical-soup regular-type vegetables.

    in conclusion, aaron is dumb

  6. The whole story with organics is a load of old cobblers recent tests by university of Otago have established irrefut…..(beyond doubt) there is no disernable difference betweween organics and normally grown vegatables .This is all a beat up by those trying to make a buck. My take is if organics is so good for everyone how come Wellington has so many ‘normal food’ averse people who seem to be allergic to things that many people have been eating without problems for several generations. I have heard of flats where the weird one is the person who doesn’t have a food allergy and can eat any old muck. If you Mat are going to get your food delivered won’t someone want to get paid for the delivery or is this covered by their overinflated prices and all part of the service?

  7. 1) that was dad. (hence ‘old cobblers’)
    2) i love it how he uses that sentence structure “well if somethingsomething is so good, then something else!?”

  8. matt says:

    If it’s not reasonably close to supermarket prices then i won’t go for it at this stage in my fiduciary life.

    It seems to me that God made the world pretty well. There should be ways of growing food that don’t require shizloads of fertiliser etc.

  9. sternum says:

    Matt, as your flatmate (so why am I writing in your blog when I can walk into the room next door and talk to you?), I suggest we will simply buy our veges from the cheapest source. I don’t care how many chemicals I eat, as long as they are cheap chemicals.

  10. ange says:

    i tend to prefure to absorb as little toxic/posionous chemicals as possible, the studies are emerging now about the chemicals they spray on food, the effects on the farmer, his familys exposure, run offs into water supplys, the effects they have on the unborn, and how they change the biodynamics of a garden, just as the same information once emerged about DDT,

    “hey farmer,farmer put away your ddt,
    give me spots on my apples,
    believe in the bird and the bee’s please”

  11. ange says:

    the bonus is getting it delievered, it comes and will come same time next week so you got no excuses not to eat your 5 plus a day, and the vegies are freasher, no sitting in supermarket storerooms and shelves,

  12. Matt's Mum says:

    Allow me to add my pennyworth in this discussion! It astounds me that you haven’t recognised the obvious solution to all of this! Why don’t you grow your own vegetables? I realise that some of you won’t have the space at your small flats but maybe you can all get together and use a suitable plot of land belonging to a helpful, giving individual. My husband and I were professional market gardeners for 10 years and in that space of time the practices for controlling pests and disease changed markedly. For the Better!! When we first starting growing we had to spray regularly, once a week, but by the end of our tenure it was down to maybe once every 3 or 4 weeks. And we used IPM (Intergarted Pest Management) where we introduced the insect’s predators into our hothouse, rather than killing all the insects, both benefical and pests. Anyway, the long and short of my argument is maybe you should find out what the actual practices are today rather than relying on heresay or remembering what happened years ago!

  13. kathy says:

    theres room at my place for another flat sized plot if anyone is interested….

  14. Richard says:

    Mat read “Silent Spring”Rachel Carson then decide

  15. Madras says:

    have you ever heard of a “cashectomy”Mat
    thats when your wallet is depleted by money hungry retailers providing a service they have convinced you that you need
    so where does this lead us ?
    no idea really sorry

  16. Sam says:

    Because 17 comments aren’t enough…

    No argument has anything to do with facts. Nothing ever does. People find the facts that support their opinion, and tout them as a reason to go with their view. Their opponents do the same. You can’t know anything. Reason is dead. Just keep doing what you think is right…

  17. Sam says:

    Oh, and another thing

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    Because ordinary people still don’t know HTML.

  18. ange says:

    (in reply to Mrs Bartletts comment)yes i guess thats why the organics industry is growing so fast, people have realised that there are other ways to get rid of pests other than poisons. I grew up on a Market garden, and have also helped/hung out at Organic gardens (idea for matt!!!is there a community gardens in wellington where you can lend a hand and grow your own vegies?)

    Anyway I have seen my Dad poison himself seriously (we found him unconsious) also i have an older brother who was stillborn becouse of a birth defect that is commonly caused by pesticide exposer in the first few weeks of pregnancy, And it has just never seemed right to me that my dad has to dress in “full chemical gear” gas mask etc to spray apples which we will be eating next week?!
    I grow as much as i can myself (in pots on our balcony) we have a great crop of tomatos happening with no problems with white fly since i planted the basil around them, and a cucumber plant that i thought had suncume to mildew till i sprayed it with camomile tea, these are thing i learnt from Organic farmers not my Dad. and i am confident that i have done everything possibly to protect my health, and my baby’s health and husbands against thing that “might’ harm them. I take responsibility for this, and it even spans to everyday household chemicals YES some household cleaners/etc are more toxic than many pesticide. Some dishwashing detergents, shampoos, washing powders, deodarents, air freashners they also contain chemical fragrenses, colourings, cleansers so we use alternatives that i know won’t harm me or where i live or anyone else around me.
    (hehe thats a long comment, anyway theres a part of Ange’s brain and views left on your blog Matt forgive me if i have taken over)

  19. ange says:

    about cashectomy, (does this word apply to the following thought)
    sometimes i wonder if makers/growers of products, know that what the create/grow may harm there consumers,thier families or the enviroment.
    Do they stop and wonder if thats a resposible, caring,”christain” thing to do or are they just dazzled by the dollar signs they see in front of them,
    (yeah Yeah Ange’s brain works in mysteryous ways, how do i come up with such raw brain frazzles)

  20. I'm not david says:

    Hello again, and I’m still not David. Is that Ange girl taken? I’d be keen on her I reckon. I mean, who wouldn’t!?

  21. ange says:

    i thought guys were scared of girls that have unconventional thought patterns and ideas that could conflict there own views and egos, or does the passion of my words tear through the conventional male mind?!

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