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Thursday 19 February, 02004

Neither an x nor a y be

by Matthew Bartlett @ 1:30 pm

I read today that US has a national debt of $7 trillion. I wonder who to. I found a table of NZ national debt through history which appears to show that current NZ debt is approximately $6.5 billion. NZ’s population is approximately 4 million. The US’s population is about 292 million. So US debt per person is about USD24,000, and NZ debt per person is around NZD1,600. Feel so free to check my working.

4 responses to “Neither an x nor a y be”

  1. can we pay it back? I’d pay 2 G to have the whole country debt free if everyone else did too. but then again I am a commie

  2. bryan says:

    ur workings fine i think. but that’d be 7 trillion for the US debt, not 7 billion.

  3. sternum says:

    All this time I thought you were working when you were in your room. I thought I wasted my time doing pointless things!

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