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Wednesday 17 March, 02004

Project Aqua

by Matthew Bartlett @ 11:04 am

The earth is a gift to be cherished and looked after, not an x to be y’d.

Meridian Energy plan to divert part of Waitaki River in Southland into a canal to generate power to meet NZ’s growing demand. Learn more at

You know what to do.

6 responses to “Project Aqua”

  1. matt says:

    ha. I’m not sure hax0ring meridian’s website would help much.

  2. richie f says:

    a guy wrote a nifty song entitled ‘project aqua’s gotta go’ (its actually pretty gay). gets a little bit of bfm play time.

  3. Would you rather hydro power or nuclear? Because what we should really be doing if you really want to stop this is try boycotting electricity. Can you do it? Maybe that would be an interesting lent, or a 40 hour famine. Wouldn’t it be better to send a mass letter of like a thousand people to Meridian saying “we’re gonna stop using power then. Sucks for you?”

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