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Wednesday 24 March, 02004

by Matthew Bartlett @ 1:21 pm

interpretate me please

8 responses to “”

  1. sternum says:

    i see a phallic symbol in there matt

  2. Matty says:

    House on a rope anybody?

  3. david says:

    sexy. you should do them large scale and do an exhibition.

  4. bryan says:

    i don’t mean to bring undesirable associations, but the squiggles on the end of the branch-wing-things remind me of the inimitable dr. seuss :-) it’s like dr. seuss meets surrealism. the cubes stacked up in the corner make 4 a nice contrasting rationalist straw to be grasped at by those who can’t handle the mindbenders

  5. matt says:

    yeah, I was thinking of Suess a bit

  6. richie f says:

    i agree with bryan on the seuss thing

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