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Monday 29 March, 02004

Project Aqua update

by Matthew Bartlett @ 5:07 pm

Happy news – Meridian Energy’s plan to divert the Waitaki has been cancelled. Read more at the NZ Herald and Newstalk ZB. [Thanks Dan]

I think it would be worthwhile to try and live in a way that didn’t require any more power generating stations.

11 responses to “Project Aqua update”

  1. Jono says:

    Happy news? What are you smoking?? This thing was over 500 Megawatts of clean green energy!! Fruityloops doesn’t run on an oilyray Matt, lets be honest. And this would have been a major achievement, almost rivalling transmission gully AND the inner city bypass combined. Has our country lost all sense of PROGRESS???

  2. Jono says:

    Nor does fruityloops run on the smell of an oilyrag at that.

  3. bryan says:

    maybe we can do w/out fruityloops. maybe we can even do without the internet and blogs and a whole lot of other things made possible for us by meridian. i can’t quite figure out if you’re being sarcastic or not jono; i’m just going to take you at face value. sorry if i’ve missed a subtletly or two :-) so far man’s attempts to drastically alter the face of nature haven’t met with a lot of success. i know about the creation mandate and all, but isn’t the holy grail of cheap efficient energy, at the expense of nature, just a form of greed, rather than lovingly caring for creation?

    does the river have rights, too?

  4. Digitaleus says:

    nostalgic. backward. luddite.

  5. bryan says:

    we have to think of the river’s feelings. not nostalgic, btw. humankind has been arrogantly dominating creation since the fall. i don’t think things were much better before the industrial revolution, or whenever, and i don’t particularly want 2 go back to that time or any other in history. god stuck me here and now, so i gotta live with it.

    :-) before i make more enemies than i really want, i better just mention that i’m don’t really have strong opinions on this. :-)

    (humpty dumpty sat on the fence once, too)

  6. Digitaleus says:

    fair enough, but you didn’t start by saying “let’s not pollute the river” (personally anthropomorphising rivers is a bit too Gaia for my liking). you said maybe we can do without “a whole lot of things made possible for us by meridian”. which i took to mean –
    “who really needs electricity, anyway?”, groaned inwardly, and said my piece.

    basically, halting/reversing progress for environmental reasons, rather than merely minimising environmental damage, is a pipe-dream, whether or not its the right thing. it is thinking that generally comes from emotion rather than reason, and inasmuch as that is true, it frustrates me.

  7. aaron says:

    emotion rather than reason??? Puh-LEEEEASE.

  8. Digitaleus says:

    geez, i sound like a wanker sometimes! :P oh well… ;)

  9. Jono says:

    Hurt the rivers feelings?? By providing a clean channelled canel we save the mighty river from pounding and bruising on rocks, dispertion, segmentation, tainted with sediments, shat in by farm animals. Water wants to return to where it belongs! (nie the ocean). I mean its like a roadtrip, why muck around taking backroads and gravel tracks when you could save so much time driving on a shiny interstate highway?

  10. bryan says:

    :-D i like your style. cityboy. ;-)

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