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Friday 22 August, 02003

by Matthew Bartlett @ 9:23 am

Technology giveth and technology taketh away, Neil Postman says. Teenage txting is hurting low-quality blockbusters’ opening weekends [via mefi].

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  1. richface says:

    hey matt,
    i wonder how you would feel about recognising my intellectual property by the way of a credit of some sort for the stunning photo i took of your stunning face on a stunning day in the stunning viaduct. (sorry i don’t know how to make a hyperlink)

  2. richface says:

    evidently i do know how to make a hyperlink.

  3. dan says:

    why should we have to pay for news(production costs aside)?
    – next thing you know, about-to-be-born babies will need to be carrying their credit card as they pop out, or the mid-wife will have to put them back in.

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