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Tuesday 21 September, 02004

by Matthew Bartlett @ 8:25 pm

No song in all the world is so suited to interpretive dance as Parabola by Tool.

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  1. John says:

    I agree, only if part of your interpretive dance involves taking all your toolalbums and music and destroying it in a manner reminiscent of Acts 19:18-19.

  2. casey says:

    I love interpretive dance… its so …. “deep”

  3. John says:

    Yes, generally inoffensive lyrics as compared with other Tool songs, most notably the song “judith” by the lead singer’s other band A Perfect Circle which makes me completely turned off listening to anything by them no matter how musically good.

  4. Certainly is unpleasant. About a friend who had a bad church experience perhaps?

  5. John says:

    A rather glib analysis. I haven’t read in detail but it looks more like a ridicule of someone who is a christian in a most offensive manner. coupled with James Maynard’s rabid anti-christian stance, just seems like enough to impose on one’s self a restriction on listening to their music. Not that I doubt your ability to discern when listening to music, but there is some music where the bad leaven in the bread crosses a line that makes that musicomes totally unprofitable even to the most discerning listener.

  6. bryan says:

    Judith is the name of maynards mother. Maynard was abused by his dad/stepdad who was a
    baptist minister apparently. Hence his distaste for christianity. from interviews with maynard
    and billy from apc, the song is about blindly following something that is hurting you without
    questioning it. Please note, I do not like the song personally because of the way it uses
    Gods name, so I am not endorsing it.

  7. Tim says:

    Try this one:

    Also take a look at the video clip for parabola. Undeniably evil.

  8. bryan says:

    but the little plasticine dude is soo cute ;)

  9. John says:

    Tim, I am quite happy to represent you if in a blind rage of musiconoclasm you go into Matt’s room and destroy all his Tool CDs and music and all related Tool playing and/or Tool recording devices. I could totally get you off all charges.

  10. John says:

    “Your honour, look at this sweet face, this tender visage, these noble features. Does this look like the face of a man who could do such vile acts?… Yes?… Well, now that you say it, he does look a little crazy. I recommend you give my client preventative detention. The defense rests.”

  11. Tim says:

    Just to clarify my position on Tool. John, I am not actualy opposed to Tool any more than I am opposed to a band like Soundgarden. However, there are certain songs of theirs that I do despise, eg. Sober. Most of their songs are simply the rantings of some very angry men who need help, like that of most modern rock artists.

  12. Joshua Edward Pavao says:

    I like every song Tool and APC have ever done. Each has it’s own beauty and meaning to me. Some of you say tool is evil, i say you need to think more. I’m not trying to offend, but you have to admit the human population is for the most part unknowledgable. You can have a PhD. and still not be knowledgable. Love everyone, and choose to of your own free will. That’s all we have.

  13. andy says:

    You people who say Tool is evil obviously do not know what you are talking about.

  14. Sambo says:

    Wow, andy. Way to back up your ever so verbose statements with anything credible.

  15. RICH says:


  16. RICH says:

    I posted that last post in a hurry, sorry for my inarticulate use of the english language. I hope to make music one day that people will be offended by and be afraid of (tool is evil, hehe hoho haha). Fear is a powerfull emotion that can bring about interesting changes in conciousness. Music that hopefully makes people think and even question their beliefs, to me, is beautiful. Music that offends people because they beleive that anything that is antaganostic to there beliefs is “evil” is to me, beautiful. It represents symbolically, the SAME belief to the person thats beliefs are being questioned’s mind, Hopefully one day helping them realize that their belief is just a another shackle holding them back from truth.

    Let go of the steering wheel and see what happens.

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