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Monday 27 September, 02004

by Matthew Bartlett @ 8:40 am

Recently I heard that the suicide to homicide ratio in the United States is around 2:1. A little bit of squirreling around here and here at Stats NZ leads me to think that here it is around 2.4:1.

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  1. Hmm. I guess our stat is ‘better’ but it isn’t by much.

  2. david says:

    Dan must be on drugs again. dan, 2.4 is higher than 2. In fact, it’s higher by .4.

    Hope that makes more sense.

    it’s a sad figure. Still, if abortion was included in those homocide figures for both countries, then I wonder what the ratio would be then?

  3. lynton says:

    I think he means better in the sense that more people take their own lives than others taking it for them. That could possibly be described as “better”.

  4. dennis bartlett says:

    Sadder. Re the stats I think USA aborts 1 million infants per year from a total population of around 300 mil.
    equals 1:300. We do 17000 out of 4 million = 235:1 so who’s skiting!

  5. Tim says:

    We are a horrible country…sometimes.

  6. Lynton got it right. Gosh I gotta remember to not be cryptic, or use those apostrophe thingys to add sarcasm within commenting boards.

  7. ru says:

    I dont think I can give you an answer.Oh I could give you Freudian reasons with fancy talk and that would be right as far as it went.But what you want are the reasons for the reasons and I’m not able to give you those.

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