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Friday 21 January, 02005

by Matthew Bartlett @ 12:14 pm

Lyrics: Radiohead/The Amazing Sounds of Orgy
How to fold a shirt [flash, via RDB]

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  1. Frederick says:

    What a hit! Five kids all fighting over a chance to fold a tee shirt… “Hey give us a go!”, “OK my turn now”, “Hey you did it twice!” Now all I need is an animation for all other laundry and my “who’s going to fold the clothes” burden will be over.

  2. Ha! excellent. I couldn’t figure out how to do it, myself.

  3. Tim says:

    That clip has changed flatting life forever, for the better. And those skills will probably be a hit with the ladies too.

  4. larson says:

    are you serious about the Radiohead song? I haven’t looked at the rest of your blog, but I saw the first link and I was wondering if you linked the Radiohead site as a joke or for real? I was once a radiohead fan, but have since become pretty unsatisfied with what pop music has to offer (i.e. people walking down steps instead of real music).


  5. Well, it wasn’t an ironic link, if that’s what you’re asking. I used to love Radiohead, they used to define contemporary musical genius for me. Now I like them, still a lot, but only as one among many, perhaps not even first among equals. They do capture something of the spirit of the age, the insanity of modern life, raging against the machine, Noam Chomsky and that sort of thing, and I appreciate that, and identify with it to some extent. Glimpses of hope there are few and far between though. “Only Sail to the Moon” jumps to mind.

  6. Larson says:

    Cool. I wasn’t trying to pee on your Wheaties or anything either. I actually questioned whether or not I should have posted that after I did. The truth is, 7 months ago I had and listened to every Radiohead album, everything Mars Volta/At The Drive-in, everything Elliot Smith, and on and on. I took a Music History/Theory class though that opened my eyes to the beauty of music as well as the nihilistic/existential heodonism that pervades, not only the content of most all Pop music, but also the form of it as well. (You MUST read E. Michael Jones’ “Dionysus Rising”). I decided, as a test, to see what giving up Pop music for a summer would do for my soul. I haven’t gone back and I honestly am not missing a thing! (I can’t really even believe what I’m writing…you’re talking to kid who did nothing but go to punk/emo shows all through Jr. High and High School. My number one favorite topic was music debate “who was more influential: Stones or Floyd?”) Anyways, check out some Rachmaninoff and some Chopin. Ooo, and be sure to get a steady diet of the Baroqs like Bach and Vivaldi. Of course Handel needs to be a staple in every Christian’s musical diet. (My wife’s threatening not to spoon with me if I don’t get off the computer now, so I’d better comply)


  7. I’ve added the book recommendation to my list, cheers very much for that. Rachmaninov & Chopin are favourites already. It takes me so long to ‘get’ a new item of serious music or composer.

  8. Tim says:

    He he. Pee on your wheaties.

  9. The Stones win in that debate. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer to listen to Floyd, but I reckon that acid-inspired hallucinations through our psyches haven’t won in modern Noughties culture and strutting around with your lips pouting and an… ahem… unsatisfied mind is far more influential four decades on.

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