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Sunday 15 May, 02005

by Matthew Bartlett @ 9:01 am

Amusing & negatory review of Star Wars: Episode III

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  1. ru says:

    Pardon an old Indian like me but what is this word negatory ?Will you be inventing other words on your Blogatory site ?

  2. Sam says:


    \Neg”a*to*ry\, a. [L. negatorius: cf. F. n[‘e]gatorie.] Expressing denial; belonging to negation; negative. –Carlyle.

  3. Cheers richface, that’s got me excited about seeing the movie.
    On the other hand, though, I was browing through a review of it in Time today which featured the following line, which must be the apogee of banality: “Revenge of the Sith‘s fight scenes are action-packed.”

  4. Haha, Time. That’s hilarious. The fact they were one of the world firsts to review this movie, rather than an actual Hollywood trade magazine, is exciting in itself.

    Matthew, this Star Wars has an ‘M’ rating – where the other prequels had ‘PG’s attached to their posters. If I could convince you to join the light side, I would do so by promising the “best space battle of the series” (which is saying something, considering the original movie hasn’t been bested in 30 years); the obvious tragedies that must befall the main characters (quite a few folk have to die) which will give the actors more to work with than lame lines about ‘midochlorians’ and ‘disturbances in the force;’ and then I would sell the film on the basis of the actors themselves: Ewan MacGregor, Natalie Portman, Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Lee, Frank Oz… that’s a cast and a half right there!

    In 23 hours I’ll have seen it, and I’ll be sure to post a DMcC review on my site… earlier than the rest of New Zealand… by a whole day…mmmm early Star Wars

  5. I don’t watch many movies. Casting isn’t a big factor for me. I watched Star Wars when I was small, I didn’t care about the story, I only cared for that awe of bigness and maybe oldness, a whole other universe. Now that I am bigger, I do care about story, and all the SW movies’ plots to date offend my nostrils, and the glimpses of that faraway hugeness come less and less. I do intend to watch this one.

  6. ru says:

    Thanks Sam you are helping my epistemophobia no end :-)

  7. Sam says:

    Epistemophilia? There is no epistemophobia! phjr kn0wl3dg3!

  8. ru says:

    Epistemophobia Fear of knowledge.

  9. Sam says:

    How do you know that ;)

  10. ru says:

    Sam trust me and if that is hard given that you do not know me google abounds with sites and here is just one :-)
    Expert Advice: Can NLP Help You Overcome Epistemophobia?
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  11. ru says:

    Now here is a real tester Sam see if you can find out what NRC is good hunting :-)

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